ESXi Compatibility Checker

ESXi Compatibility Checker 

The ESXi Compatibility Checker is a fling released in 2018 available from  

The tool is a Python script that can validate VMware hardware compatibility and upgrade issues of ESXi. This tool is my first fling release, and it was a good experience for me to interact with users directly.

I don’t think this tool is still popular as it has been a while, and some features are integrated into the recent vSphere releases. But for anybody who wants to use the ESXi compatibility checker, here is some information:

Feel free to add a comment if you have any questions!

VMware Flings

VMware has been releasing some useful tools from

The flings are applications and tools built by VMware engineers created to address a specific issue or provide a feature that is not available in VMware products. The flings are intended to be played with and explored. None of them are guaranteed to become part of any future product offering, and there is no support for them. However, the fling owners take questions and feedback from the fling website and respond to raised issues.  

They are free to download, so play around with them!